This frog somehow got in my room last night… x__X

I went to get my mother twice and each time she came the frog would vanish. LOL That’s why I got it on video as proof.



A few years ago I stumbled upon this while taking screenshots. I’ve been highly amused ever since.

Is that Tomoki with his brother?

That’s katsuharu, he was one of the bullies that use to pick on Tomoki.

The screenshot is from episode 41 of Digimon Frontier. It’s about 6:48 seconds into the episode where the children are being imprisoned with the Mamemon.

It’s the same episode with this sparkly Kouji and Kouichi scene. ;p

Request 2 by Soreiya

Commission for Master grey_wolf on Gaia Online


And finally, I have sorted out this schedule. Thank you so much to everyone who signed up!

Below are the characters each artist is assigned to along with their schedule for drawing the picture. I sincerely apologize because while making this list I observed that a lot of people (regardless of what time they signed up) didn’t get their first choices, because my first priority was to get everyone to get someone in their top 5. (Which I did actually end up pulling off with the exception of one person - due to having one more artist than available characters - so I’m at least happy I was able to do that.)

Along with that is the schedule for how we’re going to carry out the art and the guidelines below. If you have a problem or conflict with the schedule, please let me know at least 7 days in advance before your start date. Scheduling was chosen by random number generator with the exception of the first three, who were duly informed of their deadlines ahead of time.

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Well I cant say that I’m not disappointed to be the only one who didn’t get anybody from their top 5, but I’ll still do my part. ;_;

I had to cancel my Dr. appointment because I have no way to get there. I’m so very depressed. I waited so long for this. My mother says I deserve it.. She really can be quite the evil bitch.. I don’t know how she can seriously think that I would ever want to get into a car with her again after what she did…






Apparently I’m Star’s Wing—hoshi no tsubasa

Flower’s Cat - Hana no Neko 

How fitting :D

mizu no namida- water’s tear
how lovely

Ten no Hikari

Heaven’s light

if I didn’t change my url this would be so fitting I can’t. 

What the hell is a sun’s banana?

Space’s Protector (uchuu no hogosha).

That’s a bit too grandiose for someone like me. o_o;

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And here’s the second installment of the Kenzen monster, enjoy! (or not)

Kenzen: “Did I do that?”

Nooooo! Don’t do it! Don’t become Steve Urkel! D:


I shouldn’t be allowed to watch the Xros Wars dub

Derek Stephen Prince should have known better than to voice a Digimon character again. Dub Zenjirou will always be Kenzen to me now. mwahahaha

I think we broke the fandom. I probably shouldn’t have suggested that we watch the episode. Now they will expect you to do a video every week. ;p









The Best Birth Control In The World Is For Men by Jon Clinkenbeard

If I were going to describe the perfect contraceptive, it would go something like this: no babies, no latex, no daily pill to remember, no hormones to interfere with mood or sex drive, no negative health effects whatsoever, and 100 percent effectiveness. The funny thing is, something like that currently exists.

The procedure called RISUG in India (reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance) takes about 15 minutes with a doctor, is effective after about three days, and lasts for 10 or more years…

Oh, and when you do decide you want those babies, it only takes one other injection of water and baking soda to flush out the gel, and within two to three months, you’ve got all your healthy sperm again.

The trouble is, most people don’t even know this exists. And if men only need one super-cheap shot every 10 years or more, that’s not something that gets big pharmaceutical companies all fired up, because they’ll make zero money on it (even if it might have the side benefit of, you know, destroying HIV).

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