Inkblot of the Day #62

Instructions: Tell me what you see.

This has to be one of my favorite pieces to date.


A monk sitting inside a frog.

A snake’s head with the Lorax’s mustache.

a whole chicken

bleeding vagina

chicken butt

A naked angel with an afro and large eyebrows, wearing a seashell bra and flying away from a giant eel that wants to eat it o__O…

I see a bunny anthro freaking out because his leader is about to be attacked by two dudes with swords. o_O;

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    A man flying in a ship and hands reaching up to it
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    A chicken, looking down at me like im a worm and hes gonna eat me!
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    A Vagina wearing a tutu with muscley chicken legs and a set of testicals..
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    An indoctrinated Turian…with mad eyebrows.
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    A frog inside another frog seen from the top.
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    Ahahahaa, velcome to my vorld~♫♪
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    Heh. It does kinda look like one of the Dinobots, now that you mention it.
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    i see a frog with it’s mouth open, a vagina, and two ballerinas on crutches
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    All I could think...when I saw this was a chibi wearing a shark costume, singing. The...
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    At first I saw a dog. Now I see a ship from above.
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    two ballerinas but also two hands holding something up.
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    Frog dissection.
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    well, i see a evil villian skull, kid of like Rasputin from Anastasia. Big thick eyesbrows and boney cheeks, nostrils,...
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    It’s a shark with bird feet yelling in a tuxedo.
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    two ballerinas
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    Took me ages to get away from thinking it was a ball-laden toad mech but once that went I thought ‘hyena skull with a...
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    I see a chicken
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    TOAD MECH (with testicles)
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    A shark jumping out of the water Jaws-style.
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    double mouthed shark with chicken legs
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    a cyber-cow riding an eagle in front of a raw chicken.
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    At first it was a guinea pig looking up but then it turned into a frog in a tutu